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Time changing, internet not working

If you see this then it's more than likely an older PC that you're using. Old PCs run this risk of having a dead CMOS Battery, a small little battery inside your PC that keeps the system clock ticking. The issue is probably because your date and time is wrong. Make sure you correct the [...]

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Pop Ups

If pop ups appear when you're not browsing the internet, then you have most likely installed adware. Adware is when unwanted pop ups appear on your desktop, usually, but not limited to, the bottom right corner of your screen. Removing the adware is very straight forward, all you have to do is find out the [...]

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How to uninstall a program

How to uninstall a program We know how easy it is to install a nasty piece of software, trust me, we've all done it. You download one thing you think is safe and boom, 4 more programs which are continuously running in the background and occasionally popping up to you. With Windows 10 you can [...]

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Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

So, you've hit arguably the scariest screen in computing. The dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD), which occurs when your Windows PC or Laptop has hit a near critical error. The real name of the (BSOD) is a stop error. Computer geeks, like me, will always call stop errors the "Blue Screen of Death", mainly [...]

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