If your monitor is saying no signal when you’re powering on your PC then it could be down to a dodgy HDMI, VGA or DVI cable. Ensure all your wires are correctly plugged in before reading on.

You may need to buy a new cable or try a new source of output. We recommend HDMI because unlike VGA and DVI, HDMI also transfers Audio Output.

If the cable isn’t the issue then it may have something to do with your screen resolution settings. Try plugging your PC into a more advanced monitor and change the settings back to normal.

If you are unavailable to do that then restart your PC and continuously press F8 and you should be presented with numerous options, click enter safe mode.  If for some reason safe mode fails, then try selecting Enable VGA mode.

Now you’re in Windows, right click your desktop and click screen resolution or if that’s not there, then click properties and then go the settings tab.

Scroll the bar over to the left to lower your screen resolution and choose the perfect one for you.

If you’re still having problems then bring your PC  to us 🙂