If pop ups appear when you’re not browsing the internet, then you have most likely installed adware. Adware is when unwanted pop ups appear on your desktop, usually, but not limited to, the bottom right corner of your screen.

Removing the adware is very straight forward, all you have to do is find out the name and uninstall the dodgy program.

We already have a tutorial on how to uninstall a program on our website. Click here to view

If pop ups are appearing on your screen whilst browsing the Internet, then that is common, it’s the websites way of making money for their visitors. There is, however, a way to remove ads from popping up on your screen.  If you google AdBlock in your search engine. you’ll see a program that’s now being used the default within the later versions of Google Chrome. You can enable AdBlock very easily and it’s free. However, sites like youtube depend on ads so their creators can still make money, we advise whitelisting certain websites that are giving you a free experience, in hope to entertain and gain a living from their content.

You may also need to Whitelist a certain website if you want to read an article on a website that doesn’t allow AdBlock.

To Whitelist a certain website is very simple. All you need click on AdBlock which is located in the top right of your screen, click Pause on this site, Pause on all sites, Don’t run on this page or Click options, customize and click Show ads everywhere except for these domains. (A Domain is how you refer to a website, for example, www.youtube.com) Enter the Domain names.

After you choose what you’d like to do, refresh your page and you should have ads back.