We all know how infuriating it can be when your internet stops working or it drops. We’ve all been there, however, its a nice, easy and cheap fix in most cases.

Your Internet service provider may be having a very bad day. If you don’t know if they are or not, then you can check the status of them by clicking here.

If it’s nothing to do with your ISP then it’s possible you don’t have all your wires correctly inserted or they’re faulty.

If you’re having problems with your mobile phone as well as your PC, then that will be a problem with yours. Ensure that all the wires are correctly inserted to the router. Dependent on what ISP you’re with, your router should be showing all green lights. If there’s amber or red then try a reset by simply turning it off and on.

If you’re having problems with just your PC and you use a LAN (Ethernet cable), then ensure that it is plugged in correctly or alternatively try using WiFi to connect your PC to the Internet.